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Charleston Beach Yoga
Address: Folly Beach, IOP, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, James Island, Charleston.
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STY offers donation based Beach Yoga on both sides of the bridge. We also offer bachelorette/wedding, birthdays and small group yoga parties.
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Weekly Beach Yoga classes, Bachelorette Yoga, Wedding Day Yoga, Birthday Yoga, Private Yoga and much, much more!!

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Southeastern Grappling Association
Address: 126 Eagle View Dr

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A community driven jiu jitsu experience company
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We put on jiu jitsu tournaments, seminars, open mats, and self defense seminars. It is our goal to disrupt the industry and put the power back in the hands of the practitioners. We also aim to get more women involved in self defense, taking a proactive step in their protection instead of a reactive step after a violation has already occurred.

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Heartland Foods
Address: 7311 Pepperdam Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29418
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Family Farms.
Taste the Difference!

All-natural and organic meats and vegetables delivered right to your door. 100% chemical-free and additive-free. Here is what sets us apart:

– Convenient 10-minute defrost feature eliminates the need to plan meals in advance
– 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee
– 100% Chemical-Free with no additives… A True Never Ever Program
– Meats have a 2 year shelf life due to flash/quick freezing process
– Heartland is a custom house! All orders cut and packaged to your specifications
– We’ll even let you try us for FREE through our tasting and consultation
– Convenience and comfort of a freezer full of food

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Healthy Products for all family members, even the fur kids
Address: 1338 Bexley St.
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Aloe based health and wellness products with no toxins, dyes and never animal tested
With a serve from the soul approach, I mentor those who have a soulful spirit and a passion to give through a different approach. It’s a bit out of the box, but heck, so am I.
I wrap mind, body, & spirit along with a healthy lifestyle in a nice bundle and offer it to you.
Now, the more you know me you will see that animals are my heartbeat. I want to share with furbaby parents that I may have an alternative to some of those chemically infused products, that are more natural, free of toxins & dyes. I mean using aloe based products on you and your pets, I call that a WIN!
I also offer you a way to find a way to make a little or a lot of extra income, giving you the time and financial freedom that you might be lacking in your life. No matter where you might be you can be making money just from your laptop and phone.
So, if any of these resonates with you, drop me a comment, and let’s begin to change your life and create memories that will last forever!

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Cannabis Hemp Oil
Address: 29464
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The only researched Cannabidiol and CBG Hemp products in the industry. We have actual research and science behind our products and continue to lead the cannabis industry in innovation and quality and science. We have world-class, best-in-class Hemp Oils, Body Salves and Skincare. I am a Cannabis Educator so I can answer ALL your questions about Cannabis and Hemp so you know how it works in your body and how to evaluate products in the store! This is also a direct marketing, work from home opportunity. I can support you in building your own Hemp business!

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HandiWork LLC
Address: 28480 US Highway STE 74 STE C
P.O. Box 1281
Menifee Ca, 92585
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HandiWork LLC’s purpose is the encourage our girls to have a HEALHTY CONFIDENCE. We provide programs and resources for our girls to be able to do this, so that she is not giving into negative behavior such as self harm and bullying.
We believe that there are 5 Keys to a Healthy Confidence which are:

1. Purpose
This topic allows our girls to really dig into who she is by providing her the opportunity to explore her gifts, while growing in an understanding of what her life purpose is.

2. Self-Care
We educate our girls on how to take care of their “shell” (which is their outside being). +
Oohh La La encourages girls to see the importance of doing things like hydrating their skin, combing their hair, and trying new styles.

3. Journey
This topic educates our girls on the importance of exercising that taking care of your body, AND encourages them to the possibilities of traveling, and the importance of broadening their perspective.

4. Health and Nutrition
This topic encourages our girls to be intentional about their eating habits.

5. Investment
This topic educates our girls on the importance of investing their time, and educates them on financial responsibilities

Our Programs include our:
5 Day Confidence Challenge (Group Sessions)
5 Day Confidence Challenge (One on One Sessions)
HandiWork Sessions (One on One Sessions)
Design Your Confidence (Group Sessions)

We also have workbooks, and books that are specifically designed to provide our girls with the practical tools in order to

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