What is a Mom Mogul?

A “Mom Mogul”, in short, is a mother and business owner. We don’t exclude anyone in this category. 

I'm not a Mom or "Mogul". Can I still be involved?

Absolutely!! This isn’t a membership-based organization, so anyone can participate in the events and gatherings we have.

How can I support?

There are plenty of ways you can support! They include: following us on social media, sharing the group to others that may be interested, becoming a sponsor for events, coming out to events, and supporting other Mom Moguls and their businesses! 

If you want to collaborate or host a meetup, please reach out directly at [email protected]

We plan to expand around different areas in 2021. Keep an eye on our Social Media pages and website for that announcement. 


What kind of business structure is this?

This is a For-Profit LLC. 

How Do I Sponsor?

Sponsorships will be announced as events pop up. Be sure to visit the Events tab!

If you want to sponsor by hosting a meetup, please email [email protected]

How are you making money if you are a for-profit?

Mom Moguls™ is here to help promote and advertise the different “mom-owned”/”woman-owned” businesses. While there are free outlets, money comes from Ad spaces on the newsletter, social media promos, Directory, and our online pop up shop.  

Advertising Pricing: 

  • $10: For an ad space on the newsletter. This can be for an upcoming event or promoting business.
  • $20 for 2 days of Social Media shout-outs (promote your business, events, etc.)
  • $25- For an ad on our newsletter and social media outlets.
  • Pricing starts at $40 for Business Directory
  • Digital Store- $20 per product. This is a one time fee. 

If you are wanting to promote, please send an email to [email protected] with your request. Newsletters will be sent out bi-monthly. 


Yes! If you consider yourself a Mom Mogul, then submit as much as you’d like!

If you would like to submit a post or two, here are the topics/ideas we are shooting for:

– Recommendations on places to visit
– Write ups about Businesses around town (I’m fine if it’s about your own!)
– Business tips
– Running a business & motherhood (tips on time management, scheduling, etc)

Even though we’re mothers, this won’t be a motherhood blog.

You can send submissions in a Word or Google Document to [email protected] Please include a mini-bio and headshot of yourself as well.


Anyone that meets the requirements. 1) You are a Mom and you have a business OR 2) You have a business that benefits mothers and children. Some examples of Number 2 include but are not limited to: Childbirth services, Pediatric care, Kid Play areas, Clothing, etc.

Listings are at an introductory rate of $15. This is a one time fee. This WILL change in the future, so make sure to lock in the special rate now!